Synod  Prayer Resources Summer Quiet Day

Saturday July 22, 2006
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Cathedral College (formerly College of Preachers)
Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC
Cost: $60  (Lunch Provided)

While the Christian tradition is rich in its theology of
embodiment, it has lost some of its rich heritage 
of living embodiment and mystery.  Come take refuge while we learn to pray with our bodies using the depth of understanding offered by the ancient tradition of yoga. Tuning our bodies like muscial instruments, we will integrate body, mind, and spirit and pray a sequence of poses to Shaun Davey's sung version of The Deer's Cry, also known as the Breastplate of St. Patrick.  This prayer  celebrates the dance of the Trinity in all creation:  God Before Us, God Beside US, and God Within Us in the ordinary, daily routine of the present moment. The movement of body-mind-spirit will prepare us for  silent seated prayer in stillness, open to the whisper of God's voice.

with or without yoga experience, 

Chairs will be available for those who are not comfortable on the floor.
Limited to 17 participants.

Please bring something, for the prayer table, that honors the sacred in your daily life, and if youhave them, a yoga sticky mat, blanket, and a meditation cushion.

Carolyn Bluemle, 
a certified Iyengar teacher at Unity Woods Yoga Center, has been teaching yoga since 1989.  During her doctoral studies in philosophy at UC Berkeley, she cultivated and honed her analytical skills.  Years as a dancer inspired her love of movement and appreciation of the rhythms and poetry of the body.  Through the healing practices of yoga, meditation, and Taize chant, she has returned to her Christian roots with joy and compassion.  Her teaching, precise and enthusiastic, reflects her deep experience of yoga as prayer.

Carolyn Bluemle

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