Holy Cross Monastery
on the Hudson   NY
Nov 23 - 25, 2012


Gratitude can plunge us deeply into presence; conversely presence can throw is into an ocean of gratefulness.  Both are the "heart of prayer"; both help us to wake up to all as gift.

What hinders our heart from opening wide in gratitude? What nurtures it? Can we return again and again to that interior spaciousness that allows God to rest in us, and that exterior spaciousness that allows us to rest in God?  Our bodies, our breath, song, silence, and beauty are all doorways to this presence.

With the monastic rhythm of communal prayer throughout the day, with the beauty of trees and the river, our bodies in movement and breath, chanting, and silence, we practice many prayers. These practices can help us water the seeds of joy, face our fears, and embrace our sorrows that we may open to the joy of God among us and enter the presence which is the essence of unceasing prayer.

HOLY CROSS MONASTERY nestled on twenty-six acres on the banks of the Hudson River, is home to an open-hearted Episcopal Benedictine community.  A beautiful place to enter a time of prayer, reflection, renewal, and recreation.  You are invited to join the monks in their services or have private time. 
The delicious food is prepared by a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.


Each liturgical year we celebrate glory before entering the time of facing our need for God, of waiting for the gift of the Christ child, before Advent.  Whatever may block our appreciation of rejoicing in Christ the King, it is clear that we are called this weekend to water the seeds of joy before facing our deepest needs.  Come let us celebrate together.

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